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Cindy Sheehan receive Erik Byes Memorial Prize 2008

On Monday 8 September at 12 noon the American peace activist Cindy Sheehan will receive Erik Bye’s Memorial Prize during the official opening of Christianssand Protest Festival. ….
.. ..
Cindy Sheehan is an ordinary housewife who became known all round the world because she lost her son in ….Iraq….. She was the woman who got the antiwar movement going in ….America….. For example, she and her helpers set up camp three years ago on George W. Bush’s ranch in ….Texas….. The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet wrote the following about her:….
With her at the forefront the antiwar movement has united and got on its feet in ….America….. What was a loose movement without any particular force now has a public figure known worldwide as its leader. In the American press the former youth minister is called “Peace Mom”. She has been on the front page of the major newspapers and ….America…. has become acquainted with a resistance to the war that many people did not even know existed. For ordinary Americans sympathise with Cindy. She is no dirty little radical, she is not suspected of being a communist, she is no Michael Moore, only a deeply Christian mother with a moving story that they can relate to…..
.. ..
She met the President in 2004 together with several other military families. She was furious when afterwards she discovered that the reasons for ..America.. going to war against ….Iraq…. had been planted. She became the unifying leader for the peace movement. Last year she was arrested in the Congress for having protested against the Democrats’ lack of will to impeach President George W Bush…..
.. ..
She has also supported the 9/11 Truth Movement, which believes that the collapse of the Twin Towers looks like a controlled demolition, and demands new investigations into the terror attacks…..
.. ..
She withdrew from the front line of the antiwar movement last year after having given up attempts to get ..America.. out of ….Iraq….. She announced in a press release that she was disheartened and disillusioned, and could no longer carry on the fight, which had cost her her marriage, led to hostility with her surviving children and emptied her bank account. In her blog she wrote:….
This is my resignation letter as the “face” of the American antiwar movement. I am going to take whatever I have left and go home. I am going to go home and be a mother to my surviving children and try to regain some of what I have lost…..
.. ..
Now a group that call themselves ”….Grassroots.. ..Action.. ..Center….” are working to get Cindy elected to the Congress in 2008 at the expense of Nancy Pelosi. This is what she herself says about why she is running as a candidate:….
I decided to run for Congress in San Francisco against Nancy Pelosi who is the failed Speaker of the House because the occupation of Iraq has become worse since the Dems have regained both houses of Congress and she refused to hold GWB accountable for all of his crimes since stealing the White House in 2000. I am running unaffiliated with any political party and our slogans are: People Before Politics and Let’s Make a Difference…..
.. ..
Cindy Sheehan, however, has certainly not given up the struggle for peace and she is very busy holding peace lectures all over ….America….. ….
.. ..
Cindy Sheehan has become an example for women and peace activists all over the world…..
.. ..
Erik Bye’s widow Tove Bye died on 15 May this year. Shortly before she died, she expressed the hope that Cindy would win the prize. She had followed Cindy’s work for peace from the start. When Tove died, the family in cooperation with the festival decided that her wish should be fulfilled. ….
.. ..
Cindy Sheehan is coming to ….Kristiansand…. to receive the prize. The leader of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Dagmar Karin Sørbø, will make a speech, as will the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Magnhild Meltveit Kleppe. The prize will be handed over by Erik Bye’s daughter, Anne Eriksdatter Bye. ….
.. ..
Kristine Jølstad Moi will sing two songs by Kris Kristoffersen, ‘In the News’ and ‘Don’t Let the Bastards’, in honour of the prizewinner…..
.. ..
Who, then, was Erik Bye? If we scrape away all the great things he did, which he was so well-known for and will be remembered for till the end of time – the TV legend who was voted the best TV personality ever, the writer, poet, singer and composer – then we will be left with Erik Bye the person. He was just as likely to be friends with the ordinary man in the street as with the King, he became involved on behalf of the weakest in society and he was not afraid to show feelings. He carried a whole generation around in his generous embrace, or at least it feels like that. He became involved on behalf of the wartime naval servicemen, the lifeboat service, the Native Americans, the mentally handicapped, and always stood up for the weakest. He always thundered against war and injustice. People listened to him more than anyone else and when, a few days before the EU referendum in 1972, he expressed his opposition to membership, the Yes side collapsed, saying “He took victory from us”. ….
.. ..
The war-machine will lie to you…..
(Cindy Sheehan)….

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Kulturnatta 26.april

Kulturnatta, Havana, Kristiansand,

lørdag 26. april kl.1830

Kristiansand som Kulturby – en tapt kamp?

Har Kristiansand noen som helst sjanse til å vinne status som kulturby? Vil den ikke fortsatt bli ansett som et sted “preget av et moralskbasert tradisjonalistisk kulturbegrep i et relativt konservativt og kristendemokratisk borgerskap”? Eller er bare alt “så greit” på Sørlandet at behovet for kultur ikke er tilstede?

Må vi ikke bare slå fast at festivalkjempen Quart vakler, at det i Kristiansand nesten ikke finnes scener for større konserter, at agentene ikke regner med byen når de legger opp turneer for stjernene, at mange mener kulturhuset planlegges som et sted for fiffen og dessuten heller ikke står ferdig før i 2011? Dessuten løper ikke sørlendingene mann av huse for å oppleve kultur, i hvert fall ikke kultur som ikke er knyttet opp mot bedehusmiljøene. Samtidig vet vi at kulturkåte sørlendinger bosetter seg i Oslo, der det vrimler av kulturbegivenheter hele uken gjennom året rundt.

Stavanger er blitt Europas kulturhovedstad, Bergen får stadig besøk av verdensstjerner til Grieghallen eller USF Verftet; og bergenserne vasser i festivaler som Ole Blues, Festspillene, Bergenfest og Lost Weekend. Likeledes har byer som Tromsø, Trondheim, Tønsberg og til og med lillebror Arendal i øst et levende kulturliv året rundt og med store festivaler som Canal Street og Hovefestivalen.

Daniel Nordgård, festivalsjef Quartfestivalen
Anne Kristine Blågestad, kulturredaktør Agderposten
Terje Dragseth, forfatter, musiker og filmregissør
Trygve Allister Diesen, utflyttet filmregissør
Toffen Gunnufsen, bookingsjef Hovefestivalen
Solveig Knudsen, adm. leder Rock City

Debattleder: Sylfest Lomheim
Musikalsk innslag: Per Warning (DK) og Keith Austin (USA/N)

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Osloprotest, Smuget, the 5th of march (Launching)

The Protest Festival
Smuget, Wednesday the 5th of March at 6pm
Law of Neutral-gender Marriage –
Will this have consequences for people in general?
If so, which?
In Parliament there is now a majority supporting neutral-gender marriage. The law will most likely be passed before the summer. Homosexuals are celebrating, while the opponents – among them Christians – are shocked. But the fact is that those with conservative values are conspicuously silent. Have all the discussions about tolerance discouraged them? Will the frontlines close ranks and the level of conflict in society increase,
or will it all work itself out?
The law also includes that married lesbian and homosexual couples have the right to adopt, and they have the same right to assisted fertilization as other couples. VG wrote some time ago about “The homosexual reformation” where Anders Giæver claimed that the homosexual culture is a matter of fashion. Is a matter of fashion the reason this case is on the verge of a breakthrough in the majority of political parties, in almost all the media
and in an almost united cultural life?
Frank Rossavik is a homosexual, but still wonders if this case needs clarification. The Norwegian media has refused to take the case.
The Protest Festival will.

Øivind Benestad, Project leader MorFarBarn.no
Frank Rossavik, journalist and member of LLH
Jon Reidar Øyan, leader of LLH
Bjørg Tørresdal, Member of Parliament KrF
Ole Texmo, Forum for men and care
Inge Lønning, Member of Parliament H
Trude Ringheim, Commentator Dagbladet
Leader of the Debate, Erling Borgen

Stand Up:
Jon Schau

“Et verdensdyp av Frihet”
HenrikWergeland – a presentation:
w/ author Geir Uthaug

For those who have not realized it yet, this year we are celebrating Henrik Wergeland.
It is now 200 years since he was born in Kristiansand.
Wergeland should need no introduction. We know what he meant for Norway’s freedom, for freedom of speech, for freedom of the press, for tolerance, human worth and integration.
We know the amount of time he invested in the enlightenment of the people.
People also connect him with some of the finest poems written in Norwegian,
but what do we really know about him?
There are many expectations to Geir Uthaug’s book about Henrik Wergeland,
which will be published this year. He is known for his work on William Blake, and sees many similarities between these two poets. In his lecture he will shed light on some of
the exceptional ideas as they are described in Wergelands writing.
Wergeland did not just write poems. He also wrote plays and farces. He was much freer as a poet of farces, and as a dramatist he could produce his ideas.
Wergeland was also a sharp journalist and editor, and had many ways of speaking out if he felt freedom or other inalienable rights were being threatened.

Music: Bøygard sings Erik Byes “Sheraton slott”
Music: Keith Austin and Bøygard
Compère: Anders Tangen

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Debatt på Kulturnatta 20 april

Sør Arena – en arena for de rikeste?
Kilden – en arena for “fiffen”?
At penga rår, blir stadig tydeligere i dagens norske samfunn. Idrett og kultur er intet unntak. I april starter fotballsesongen. Start spiller for første gang på Sør Arena, sponset av blant annet Sparebanken Sør. På den nye stadion selges de dyreste sesongkortene i hele tippeligaen, og følger dermed i sporene til hva som skjer i Premier League. På gamle Kristiansand stadion hadde alle mulighet til å gå på fotballkamp og få en grei og rimelig tilskuerplass, men den tiden er kanskje slutt. Publikum kan ikke lengre kjøpe særlig billige ståplasser, men må – om de vil ha plass på langsidene -kjøpe årskort til flere tusen kroner. I supporterklubben Menigheden har heller ikke alle vært like fornøyd med plasseringen. Mange andre trofaste supportere er heller ikke fornøyd, som ikke har råd til årskort. VIP’er og de med best økonomi fyller opp de beste plassene. Næringsforeningen i Kristiansand lager debatt med temaet “Sør Arena – kapitalens høyborg?” Avisen Vårt Land skriver om billettprisenes smertegrense. Hva skjer når pengene ikke bare fyller opp lommebøkene til spillerne, men også hindrer menige Start-patrioter fra å se kampene på Sør Arena? Skal idrett være et fenomen for de rikeste, både på utøver- og på tilskuer-siden?
I 2010 står det nye gigantiske kulturhuset Kilden ferdig, men mange mener det bare blir for “fiffen”. Vil kostnadene ved å holde det åpent gå ut over mindre festivaler og enkeltarrangører? I Arendal diskuterer man allerede om byens nye kulturhus bare er for de rikeste, men Kilden blir en gedigen koloss i forhold til lillebror i Arendal. Har andre enn Symfoniorkester og Opera noe å glede seg til fra 2010?

Harald Andersen, daglig leder IK Start
Bernt Bisseth, daglig leder Galleri Bi-Z
Anne Marie Almedal, artist og skribent
Linda Voreland, daglig leder Agder Kunstnersenter
Alex Schjerpf, teatersjef Agder teater
Ernst Ravnaas, Start-investor og advokat

Debattleder: Øyvind Holthe
Musikalsk innslag. Yngve Kristiansen