Osloprotest, Smuget, the 5th of march (Launching)

The Protest Festival
Smuget, Wednesday the 5th of March at 6pm
Law of Neutral-gender Marriage –
Will this have consequences for people in general?
If so, which?
In Parliament there is now a majority supporting neutral-gender marriage. The law will most likely be passed before the summer. Homosexuals are celebrating, while the opponents – among them Christians – are shocked. But the fact is that those with conservative values are conspicuously silent. Have all the discussions about tolerance discouraged them? Will the frontlines close ranks and the level of conflict in society increase,
or will it all work itself out?
The law also includes that married lesbian and homosexual couples have the right to adopt, and they have the same right to assisted fertilization as other couples. VG wrote some time ago about “The homosexual reformation” where Anders Giæver claimed that the homosexual culture is a matter of fashion. Is a matter of fashion the reason this case is on the verge of a breakthrough in the majority of political parties, in almost all the media
and in an almost united cultural life?
Frank Rossavik is a homosexual, but still wonders if this case needs clarification. The Norwegian media has refused to take the case.
The Protest Festival will.

Øivind Benestad, Project leader MorFarBarn.no
Frank Rossavik, journalist and member of LLH
Jon Reidar Øyan, leader of LLH
Bjørg Tørresdal, Member of Parliament KrF
Ole Texmo, Forum for men and care
Inge Lønning, Member of Parliament H
Trude Ringheim, Commentator Dagbladet
Leader of the Debate, Erling Borgen

Stand Up:
Jon Schau

“Et verdensdyp av Frihet”
HenrikWergeland – a presentation:
w/ author Geir Uthaug

For those who have not realized it yet, this year we are celebrating Henrik Wergeland.
It is now 200 years since he was born in Kristiansand.
Wergeland should need no introduction. We know what he meant for Norway’s freedom, for freedom of speech, for freedom of the press, for tolerance, human worth and integration.
We know the amount of time he invested in the enlightenment of the people.
People also connect him with some of the finest poems written in Norwegian,
but what do we really know about him?
There are many expectations to Geir Uthaug’s book about Henrik Wergeland,
which will be published this year. He is known for his work on William Blake, and sees many similarities between these two poets. In his lecture he will shed light on some of
the exceptional ideas as they are described in Wergelands writing.
Wergeland did not just write poems. He also wrote plays and farces. He was much freer as a poet of farces, and as a dramatist he could produce his ideas.
Wergeland was also a sharp journalist and editor, and had many ways of speaking out if he felt freedom or other inalienable rights were being threatened.

Music: Bøygard sings Erik Byes “Sheraton slott”
Music: Keith Austin and Bøygard
Compère: Anders Tangen