NEW double album FIGHT APATHY, release august

A lot of international, national and local artists will be a part of this CD for The Protestfestival, with NRK-music journalist Sigbjørn Nedland as a producer. The Protestfestival has survived against all odds with the only festival in Europe fighting powerlessness and indifference. The 10th anniversary of the festival will be arranged in Kristiansand, Norway september 4.-13.

Festivalprogram will be announced in june.

Christianssand Protestfestival is a unique festival in Scandinavia, probably also in all of Europe. It aims to address apathy and indifference in society, and are often refered to as “the small festival who asks the big questions”.

In addition, Christianssand Protestfestival states a protest against the monotone directions in society and a lazy moral in general.

In a time where tolerance is a dominant factor, the people behind Christianssand Protestfestival saw the backside of the medal – indifference.
Quote Svein Inge: “It is possible to tolerate each other to death”

Christianssand Protestfestival conists of debates, concerts, lectures, conversations, performance, art and documentaries.

It is a place where anarchists, communists, conservative Christians, hippies and capitalists get together and communicate.